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Another software update for E71 – 410.21.010

Last week Nokia has released one more official software update for our beloved E71. New firmware – 410.21.010 should be available via Nokia Software Updater, or Nokia Ovi Suite 2 for most of devices. Please remember that for some product codes, especially those with operators’ customization, it may be available later.

Nevertheless, what’s inside? This update seems to be smaller bug-fixing and component updating release. It may help you with some stability issues plus having one of newest firmwares may be helpful in getting Ovi Maps with full drive and walk navigation for free. List of changes has been posted at E71 Fanatics blog in here.

P.S. Please keep in mind to make a full backup copy of your phone memory before you start updating your phone’s software.


New Nokia E71 v300.21.012 firmware available!

Today new software update for E71 has been officially released! New software marked as v300.21.012 is available vie Nokia Software Updater application. Check details here.

Soon I will post some comments. Let me flash my phone first 🙂

Official announcement of software 210.21.006 for E71

Today  new software for E71 has been officially announced and commented on NSU page:

This software release enhances general software maturity and stability. The software release includes: stability and functionality improvements in the following areas: browser, camera, calendar, messaging and VoiP. This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater: Please note that if you have encrypted your device or memory card, decrypt it before the software update to avoid possible data loss.

[Updated] New software update for E71 – 210.21.006

I was today mailed by a blog reader – Vegard about a discovery of new software available for E71! Indeed I have just updated Nokia Software Updater (to version 1.4.98en) and it shows possible update from version 200.21.118 to a new one marked as 210.21.006.

Please check it for your product codes and share your experiences! I will update you as soon as I finish my update procedure.

[Comment after installation]: Sorry I made you wait so long for a first update. My E71 is OK after updating the software to the newest version. I have an impression that this time it took less time. I haven’t found any big changes, so I would be interesting in finding maybe official release notes or change log.

One of blog readers commented that this update fixes known photo purple haze. I will wait with my comment on it until tomorrow, when I’d be able to take some photos in a natural light. Unfortunately, as usual, after restoring phone’s memory image from a memory card, I had to reinstall some crucial for me applications (Nokia Messaging, Nimbuzz, dictionaries).

Where is the software update for E71?

I’m sure you are familiar with the news about finally released software update for Nokia E71 and E66.  I’m not writing about it because my E71-1 still doesn’t get the new software. I have the newest Nokia Software Update on my PC (v1.4.64 pl) but no update is available for me. The same about checking update with a product code at Nokia Software Update web page. How about yours E71s?

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