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Read your text messages with SMS Preview

SMS Preview in actionHave you ever wanted to see text messages displayed on your glasses or maybe read incoming SMS using your brain power? Well, even if it not yet possible (at least not without being assimilated by the Borg :)) there is a very useful and free application, which simply displays next text message content on your display. No action is needed, no button needs to be pressed. You can choose for long the message body is going be to displayed and later of course read and reply the message as usual. I find it very useful during the meeting for example. The application called “SMS Preview” is available for free and requires sending only one message to register it. It can be downloaded directly with your mobile browser from, with your desktop browser from or from the Ovi Store:


Bitter ‘Conversation’ on E71

Nokia ConversationOne of most promising projects from Nokia Labs – Conversation has been updated lately and now is available for more S60 devices, including Nokia E71.

The idea of application is very easy and seems to be useful. Very often you send someone a text message (SMS) and in a minute he or she responds the same way. You answer back and conversation is ready! The application gathers messages sent to and from a particular person using consistent UI, adds a picture stored in contact book and allows writing messages directly from its interface. Thanks to Conversation a SMS-based conversation looks like IM application window, well known from your PC or iPhone.

If you like to try, you can now install it on your E71 after checking detail installation instruction. Nokia E71 seems to be a perfect phone for this kind app but I have a few bitter words about Conversation. Why does it show messages stored in my archive folders? Why does it show a kind of blank messages for delivery reports? For me it absolutely spoils the usability of the application. I’d say this feature is needed and useful, but still there is a lot of work to be done. What are your opinions?

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