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New firmware 400.21.013 available!

As I have promised I will let you know if new official software for E71 will be available. Today I was texted by My Nokia service that new software is there. Nokia Software Updater tells the same. Please check your devices for 400.21.013 firmware and enjoy updating your phones! Remember, as usual the update may not be available for all product codes at once!


Silvio Berlusconi, You(?) and Me and… E71

Silvio Berlusconi talking on the phone - E71This is not a political blog, and the described fact is no news at all as it happened in April this year, but as it is summer season I have let myself to write a lighter post. Have you heard that Italian Prime Minister – Silvio Berlusconi put important NATO summit “on hold” because of the phone call? Well depending on point of view it was quite comic or humiliating event, which happened earlier this year in Germany. I’m sure some of you already have seen some videos and pictures from this moment. Have you noticed what kind of phone Mr Berlusconi used that day? I bet it’s E71. Anyone other “famous” people using E71?

Read your text messages with SMS Preview

SMS Preview in actionHave you ever wanted to see text messages displayed on your glasses or maybe read incoming SMS using your brain power? Well, even if it not yet possible (at least not without being assimilated by the Borg :)) there is a very useful and free application, which simply displays next text message content on your display. No action is needed, no button needs to be pressed. You can choose for long the message body is going be to displayed and later of course read and reply the message as usual. I find it very useful during the meeting for example. The application called “SMS Preview” is available for free and requires sending only one message to register it. It can be downloaded directly with your mobile browser from, with your desktop browser from or from the Ovi Store:

Nokia E72 officially announced – E72 vs. E71

Nokia E72Late last year there were some rumors and videos about possible successor of E71, which would be named with the following number – E72. Today this phone has been officially announced. What brings next E series smartphone? Here is a basic comparison against its older brother E71.

Size and mass? E72 is almost the same size as E71, only 2.5 mm wider and 0.1 mm thicker. Additionally E72 is one gram heavier (128g).
Memory? Bigger internal memory (250MB instead of 110 MB), plus support of 16GB memory cards – E71 supports officially cards up to 8 GB.
Connectivity? HSDPA has been accelerated up to 10.2 Mbps instead of 3.6 Mbps, plus HSUPA support (2Mbps)
Photo features? Better camera, 5 Mpix instead of 3.2 Mpix
Battery performance? While E72 has the same battery (1500 mAh) its estimated standby time increased from 408 to 492 hrs in GSM mode, and 12 hrs 30 min instead of 10 hrs 30 minutes of talk time.
Audio? Standard 3,5 mm mini-jack instead of 2 mm one.

Anything new? Of course E71 runs on Symbian S60 3.2, like E71x, which is different from S60 3.1 installed on E71. Official description tells us about FM radio with RDS support, which was missing in E71, nevertheless it was not clear in case of this phone. Anything missing? I regret it doesn’t have FM transmitter, which I find very useful in N97. New phone will be available in three colors: – Zodium black, Metal grey & Topaz brown and should be released in 3Q of 2009. You can find official Nokia E72 specification in here. What’s your opinion?

Nokia E71 Group on Flickr reaches 1000 photos!

I’m glad to let you know that a photo pool of our flickr group called Nokia E71 has reached 1000 photos! Moreover the group has now 286 members and E71 is ranked as 3rd most popular Nokia cameraphone used by Flickr mobile users! Check the pool in here!

E71 + S60 3.2 = E71x

Nokia E71xMany of my blog readers live in the States. They might be particularly interested that North American network AT&T offers now specially branded device known as Nokia E71x. What E71x stands for? Basically it offers the same hardware configuration supported by Symbian S60 Feature Pack 2, while original E71 runs on S60 FP 3.1 version.

Let’s try blogging by e-mail with E71

WordPress – blog hosting service allows now not only to reply readers’ comments with an email, but to write new posts this way as well. Being busy lately I find this new feature really useful and I feel I do not need to say that our beloved Nokia E71 is a great device for mobile blogging. Let’s see how this post, written in Nokia Messaging will look like.

What do you think about this feature? Do you already use for your blog, maybe with yours E71 or some other phones?


[Update] OK, I knew it is not gonna work 🙂 One of the readers caught me on cheating. Using Nokia Messaging client it is not possible to put a link into post, or maybe simply I do not know how, but later I have tried it with MS Outlook 2007 which allows to create messages in full HTML format. This way it works, but it not really mobile blogging, unless you are writing from a netbook for example. Anyway my observation is that WordPress properly reads web pages links, put into text as explicit URLs like This can be done even with Nokia Messaging or some simpler clients.

Talking about a good S60 blogging client supoorting features like links, pictures or even categories. It is called WordMobi and I have in plan posting a full review of this tool in here soon.

What’s it all about?

Welcome aboard blog about Nokia E71 device! Here you will be able to find: reviews, tips, tricks, tests, and everything else related to this specific mobile phone and mobile applications which can be installed on E71.
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