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New software update for Nokia E71 – 500.21.009

Today finally my E71 using SW version 410.21.010 has discovered new firmware update available. Newest version is described as 500.21.009. Number suggests bigger changes than last time. I have read some rumors about this software in last few days, but so far my phone with Polish product code and no operator customization couldn’t see it available. Today finally did it.

As usual I recommend doing your phone memory copy before you decide to flash your phone. You can easily do it with new Ovi Suite 2 or some older tools. Flashing can be nicely done with Ovi Suite or if you like to be tester.. beta version of new Nokia Software Updater available via Beta Labs.

Please keep in mind that if you have phone customized with operator’s variant the update may not be yet available for your E71.


[Updated] New software update for E71 – 210.21.006

I was today mailed by a blog reader – Vegard about a discovery of new software available for E71! Indeed I have just updated Nokia Software Updater (to version 1.4.98en) and it shows possible update from version 200.21.118 to a new one marked as 210.21.006.

Please check it for your product codes and share your experiences! I will update you as soon as I finish my update procedure.

[Comment after installation]: Sorry I made you wait so long for a first update. My E71 is OK after updating the software to the newest version. I have an impression that this time it took less time. I haven’t found any big changes, so I would be interesting in finding maybe official release notes or change log.

One of blog readers commented that this update fixes known photo purple haze. I will wait with my comment on it until tomorrow, when I’d be able to take some photos in a natural light. Unfortunately, as usual, after restoring phone’s memory image from a memory card, I had to reinstall some crucial for me applications (Nokia Messaging, Nimbuzz, dictionaries).

Before you update yours E71! (or other S60 phones)

Nokia E71 after software updateOK I’ve got mine phone finally updated, but I thought it is a good idea to write – how to make software update as least harmful for the user as possible?

What do I need to do before changing software?

Please keep in mind to have a battery fully charged. I really mean it! Yesterday Nokia Software Update tool was trying to download the update at least several times before it was successful. Why? Most probably servers were busy and transfer has been interrupted several times. All this time your phone is connected to your PC using USB cable in PC Suite mode. Remember that the phone’s battery is not recharging at this time.

Make your personal data safe! Do you synchronize your phone with your Outlook, or other PIM applications via PC Suite? Yes? That’s good, but it’s NOT enough! Using PC Suite create a full backup copy before starting upgrading process. What about files and applications installed in your phone memory? The BEST, FASTEST and EASIEST way of saving your personal data is making a copy of your phone memory on a memory card. Please make by choosing: Tools > Memory > Options > Back up Phone Memory and wait until it will be competed.

The final step is making your memory card safe as well. If you use any ciphering or coding tools please remove passwords and switch it off, because in other way after update the card might be inaccessible. To be sure about the card I simply removed it from the phone before running NSU tool.

Please take care about a computer using for software update as well. Use only build-in USB ports, instead of those in docking stations or hubs. If you are using laptop make use it’s battery is fully enough to support whole process. Be aware of stability of your system too! It is wise to close all applications which could make system crash during updating your phone.

How to behave during the process?

Be patient and don’t panic! As NSU suggests do not interrupt the process by disconnecting phone from your computer or closing application. As I said it might happen that the NSU downloading process will be interrupted. Simply please try again.

It is no longer my phone!

Right, after successful update process your phone will be as new as taken out of the box. No contacts, photos, or applications. The fastest way to restore it is to use memory card with a copy done before. Use path: Tools > Memory > Options > Restore from card. Few minutes and it is done! Most of your information and applications installed in phone memory should be back. It may happen that some of them disappear or won’t be running properly. Just reinstall those apps, some of them might ask for serial number again.

What if something went wrong? It just happens, so please do not panic, don’t blame yourself and contact your local Nokia Care Center for assistance.

Where is the software update for E71?

I’m sure you are familiar with the news about finally released software update for Nokia E71 and E66.  I’m not writing about it because my E71-1 still doesn’t get the new software. I have the newest Nokia Software Update on my PC (v1.4.64 pl) but no update is available for me. The same about checking update with a product code at Nokia Software Update web page. How about yours E71s?

Nokia E71 software update!

Symbian Freak blog announced that finally a new version of software for both Nokia E71 and E66 will be available soon, or already is available for some variants. According to the blog this SW update (version 110.07.127) will offer to E71 users:

  • new features and fixes listed below:
    • gimlet (Nokia Email Service version) in user disk; gimlet is visible only in countries where service available, otherwise hidden.
    • improved Email Set-up Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
    • this is visible only in countries where service available, otherwise hidden.
    • Mail for Exchange 2.5.5
    • Maps 2.0 release from wk 30
    • VoIP baseline from wk 31
    • Switch4 from wk 32
    • startup settings from wk 31
    • catalogs 3.1.50 from wk 32
    • Y drive for WMDRM protection files
  • changes/improvements made to MCU SW version 110.07.127:
    • Email set-up improvements
    • Maps 2.0 improvements
    • Music library refresh function performance improvement
    • Browser improvements
    • Bluetooth improvements
    • Camera improvements
  • corrected Items from MCU SW version 100.07.76:
    • Email for Exchange – Synching improvements
    • DUT does not connect to BT stereo headset (SEM HBH -DS970) and car kit (SM HCB-120)
    • Y-drive visible with PC Suite
    • EAP-FAST authentication improvements
    • Unable to start maps when memory card is full
    • Camera – Picture cannot be taken correctly after zooming in max

For my country product code it is not yet available, but I will try to get the update as soon as possible, anyway if you have any experiences with this new firmware please let us know in here! Check update for your phone at Nokia Software Update page.

What’s it all about?

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