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Read your text messages with SMS Preview

SMS Preview in actionHave you ever wanted to see text messages displayed on your glasses or maybe read incoming SMS using your brain power? Well, even if it not yet possible (at least not without being assimilated by the Borg :)) there is a very useful and free application, which simply displays next text message content on your display. No action is needed, no button needs to be pressed. You can choose for long the message body is going be to displayed and later of course read and reply the message as usual. I find it very useful during the meeting for example. The application called “SMS Preview” is available for free and requires sending only one message to register it. It can be downloaded directly with your mobile browser from, with your desktop browser from or from the Ovi Store:


[Updated] Nokia PC Suite released! (& changed for

All Nokia phones users, including E71 owners, can update Nokia PC Suite client to the newest available version described as Updated version’s release notes contain information about stability improvements and Nokia Music component replaces Nokia Music Manager. Check update menu in your current installation or download it directly from PC Suite web page.

PS. Yesterday (Wednesday) next version marked as has been released with comment about stability fixes. Check the newest available version as usual.

Free QuickOffice 6 software update for E71 users!

Free QuickOffice updateHave you checked QuickOffice application installed on E71 lately, or maybe you read AAS regularly? I do both 🙂 The good news for all E71 users is that you can update default QuickOffice ( in my case) version 6 – for free. All you need to do is to access updates menu of application and install new one! Great surprise, not only for the owners of E71, but also E51, E52, E55, E63, newest E72, E75 and E90.

Full mobile blogging with WordMobi for S60

Have you been looking for tool allowing WordPress blogging from your S60 mobile, which would allow pasting pictures, scalling those images, adding text formatting , post categories and more? I think I have found something close to this description. It is called WordMobi . This post have been created with this tool.


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What to update this week on your E71?

Well, we have not available next firmware for E71, but in last several days there were released a few really popular and cool applications for E71 and other S60 devices.

Nokia Sports Tracker has been updated from version 2.05 to 2.06. You can get it by choosing in menu of your already installed application: Option > Check for Updates.

Nimbuzz – this multi-IM and voice communicator had a major update to version 2.0 which has a new organized in tabs user interface. Full information on changes in this version can be found here at Nimbuzz Blog

All users can now fully enjoy Mobbler – S60 client. Previous version 0.4.4 introducing Web Services has been quickly updated to version 0.4.5, which is free of following known issues:

  • the font we were selecting was not working properly on some phones,
  • some devices could not play radio because they do not support the equalizer,
  • updated the Swedish translation.

I know some of my blog readers have encountered last week this font issue.

The Best now even Better – Nokia Sports Tracker 2.05

Nokia Sports Tracker 2.05The Best is now even better. How is it so? Well, I know this is my personal opinion only, but Nokia Sports Tracker is my favorite S60 application and I see its functionality as the most enjoyable feature added to a mobile phone.

If you don’t know this application simply install it and use it. You will know what I mean. For current users there is good information, which you could discover by yourself, last weekend. If you have turned on feature of automatic updated checking you might upgrade from version 1.76 or 1.82 to official 2.05. This version was officially released with Bluetooth Polar training accessories, but now can be installed on other devices as well. New NST 2.05 officially supports displaying maps in a background too. I hope it free of known problem with move measuring freeze. I know that a lot of users, including me, waits for information if heart rate meter will be compatible with E71 and other S60 phones.

It seems that NST team is very busy, as the official application site still offers version 1.78 only. Anyway even if you will install older release, you should be able to update later to 2.05 directly from your phone. I have updated both my phones E71 and N96, unfortunately I didn’t get the update on my Mom’s N80. Let’s hope older phones (S60 3.0) will be supported too.

Video ringtones on E71?

Do you use video ringtones on your E71? I admit I haven’t used it so far. One of blog readers sent me a link to his video ringtone based on Metal Solid Gear theme. If you are interested in check it on You Tube.

If you like it you can download one of versions: 320×240 3GP file , or 320×183 3GP file optimized for SkyCaller Pro application as the author said. I’m curious how many users of E71 are using pictures attached to phonebook contacts (I do) or video ringtones?

What’s it all about?

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