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Full mobile blogging with WordMobi for S60

Have you been looking for tool allowing WordPress blogging from your S60 mobile, which would allow pasting pictures, scalling those images, adding text formatting , post categories and more? I think I have found something close to this description. It is called WordMobi . This post have been created with this tool.


Posted by Wordmobi


Let’s try blogging by e-mail with E71

WordPress – blog hosting service allows now not only to reply readers’ comments with an email, but to write new posts this way as well. Being busy lately I find this new feature really useful and I feel I do not need to say that our beloved Nokia E71 is a great device for mobile blogging. Let’s see how this post, written in Nokia Messaging will look like.

What do you think about this feature? Do you already use for your blog, maybe with yours E71 or some other phones?


[Update] OK, I knew it is not gonna work 🙂 One of the readers caught me on cheating. Using Nokia Messaging client it is not possible to put a link into post, or maybe simply I do not know how, but later I have tried it with MS Outlook 2007 which allows to create messages in full HTML format. This way it works, but it not really mobile blogging, unless you are writing from a netbook for example. Anyway my observation is that WordPress properly reads web pages links, put into text as explicit URLs like This can be done even with Nokia Messaging or some simpler clients.

Talking about a good S60 blogging client supoorting features like links, pictures or even categories. It is called WordMobi and I have in plan posting a full review of this tool in here soon.

Nokia e71 blog: huge thanks, new tools, new ideas.

White Steel Nokia E71 by KDA

White Steel Nokia E71 by KDA

This time I’d like to share with you some facts and ideas about the blog. It has now more than 31000 hits since July, the 9th, with max 1733 hits per day. I receive a lot of comments, questions and hints from you by mail. I’d like to thank for your interest and support!

To make this blog visible, as you may have already noticed, I’ve added a few buttons as blog is now listed in Technorati, Blogged, Blog Catalog and Yahoo!’ MyBlogLog.

Moreover if you know (or have your own) blog or web page about similar topics, or just want to be a web partner please mail me. I’d like announce that our new partner is Australian page:

One more idea is collecting photos of Nokia E71, or sample photos taken with this device! For example some time ago I have received really cool photos of white steel E71 from Marul (check photo illustrating this post). What do you think about it?

Back in the business!

Hi E71 Fans!

I’m travelling back to the civilization after few days spent even out fo mobile network’ coverage so soon you will be able to find in here more posts about E71!
I’d like to publish in here your impressions about E71 as well, so if there is already something cool or annoying for you please leave it in here or mail me.

In the meantime huge thanks for almost 3k hits on this page and greetings from Makow Podhalanski!

PS posted from E71 of course.

Blogging from E71

Hi E71 fans! I have finally decided to use my new phone for mobile WordPress blogging and here it is! l’m writing this post travelling by tram in Krakow and having access to page with s60 browser. Mobile’s keyboard is very useful even if you are writing in not comfortable environment. It works! Cool 🙂

What’s it all about?

Welcome aboard blog about Nokia E71 device! Here you will be able to find: reviews, tips, tricks, tests, and everything else related to this specific mobile phone and mobile applications which can be installed on E71.
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