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New Nokia E71 v300.21.012 firmware available!

Today new software update for E71 has been officially released! New software marked as v300.21.012 is available vie Nokia Software Updater application. Check details here.

Soon I will post some comments. Let me flash my phone first 🙂


[Updated] Nokia PC Suite released! (& changed for

All Nokia phones users, including E71 owners, can update Nokia PC Suite client to the newest available version described as Updated version’s release notes contain information about stability improvements and Nokia Music component replaces Nokia Music Manager. Check update menu in your current installation or download it directly from PC Suite web page.

PS. Yesterday (Wednesday) next version marked as has been released with comment about stability fixes. Check the newest available version as usual.

Free QuickOffice 6 software update for E71 users!

Free QuickOffice updateHave you checked QuickOffice application installed on E71 lately, or maybe you read AAS regularly? I do both 🙂 The good news for all E71 users is that you can update default QuickOffice ( in my case) version 6 – for free. All you need to do is to access updates menu of application and install new one! Great surprise, not only for the owners of E71, but also E51, E52, E55, E63, newest E72, E75 and E90.

Nokia E72 officially announced – E72 vs. E71

Nokia E72Late last year there were some rumors and videos about possible successor of E71, which would be named with the following number – E72. Today this phone has been officially announced. What brings next E series smartphone? Here is a basic comparison against its older brother E71.

Size and mass? E72 is almost the same size as E71, only 2.5 mm wider and 0.1 mm thicker. Additionally E72 is one gram heavier (128g).
Memory? Bigger internal memory (250MB instead of 110 MB), plus support of 16GB memory cards – E71 supports officially cards up to 8 GB.
Connectivity? HSDPA has been accelerated up to 10.2 Mbps instead of 3.6 Mbps, plus HSUPA support (2Mbps)
Photo features? Better camera, 5 Mpix instead of 3.2 Mpix
Battery performance? While E72 has the same battery (1500 mAh) its estimated standby time increased from 408 to 492 hrs in GSM mode, and 12 hrs 30 min instead of 10 hrs 30 minutes of talk time.
Audio? Standard 3,5 mm mini-jack instead of 2 mm one.

Anything new? Of course E71 runs on Symbian S60 3.2, like E71x, which is different from S60 3.1 installed on E71. Official description tells us about FM radio with RDS support, which was missing in E71, nevertheless it was not clear in case of this phone. Anything missing? I regret it doesn’t have FM transmitter, which I find very useful in N97. New phone will be available in three colors: – Zodium black, Metal grey & Topaz brown and should be released in 3Q of 2009. You can find official Nokia E72 specification in here. What’s your opinion?

Internet Radio for E71 updated

One of the blog readers – Prashant mailed me just a moment ago that his E71 NAM variant suggested updating Nokia Internet Radio right after it was started. My E71 (European variant) asked a minute ago as well. New version described as 1.16(0). Unfortunately I haven’t found any release notes or change log for this version.

Nokia E71 Group on Flickr reaches 1000 photos!

I’m glad to let you know that a photo pool of our flickr group called Nokia E71 has reached 1000 photos! Moreover the group has now 286 members and E71 is ranked as 3rd most popular Nokia cameraphone used by Flickr mobile users! Check the pool in here!

What’s the weather like in.. ? – Here and Now vs. World Traveler for E71

Here and Now - WeatherI was going to write a short review on Nokia application called Here and Now, but today I have found interesting review of another free application for E71 and other S60 phones – World Traveler. I think presenting these two pieces of software together and giving a kind of comparison is even better idea.

Here and Now is a set of application and correlated service, which is offered by Nokia Beta Labs. First released version was available for Symbian S60 3.2 devices (I assume including E71x too) only. About two weeks ago it was also prepared for E71 and other S60 3.1 phones. Application is available on the phone from a web browser bookmarks list or directly from your folder with own installations. Instead of GPS it bases on a position given by your cellular network. It displays current weather information, forecast for following hours and more. It can quickly display you a list of cultural and entertainment events organized in your current neighborhood. If you are interested in any of those events it leads you to the browser for more details, including approximate distance. Application and service are still under development, but I already find it very useful, especially if you are “new in town”, or you travel a lot and you simply do not want to too much time spend setting up a list of “your cities”. It seamlessly adapts to your position. It helps you right here, right now.

Psiloc Traveler - WeatherThe other weather-related tool I have installed on my E71 is World Traveler from Psiloc. This tool is much heavier, but definitely offers more features too. Except current weather info and forecast it offers currency table, world clock map and future plug-in manager. One really cool feature is an option to display current temperature and wind speed on your homescreen the same way as tasks are being displayed. If you play for few minutes with settings, including: lists of your cities, time zones and auto-update intervals this might be something you want to place on a bar of your often used shortcuts. Definitely World Traveler ‘look and feel’ is something, which makes the application more mature and attracts the user. Try, play and decide which one you want to use. I have both on my phone.

What’s it all about?

Welcome aboard blog about Nokia E71 device! Here you will be able to find: reviews, tips, tricks, tests, and everything else related to this specific mobile phone and mobile applications which can be installed on E71.
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