Nokia Messaging (a.k.a. Nokia Email) updated!

All users of Nokia push mail solution previously called Nokia Email and now Nokia Messaging can check the newest version New build introduces important bug fix – it allows to change access point (packet data or WLAN) after installation. The AP change path is: Settings > General > Service Info > Access Point.

It was announced officially on S60 Blog and I was given a hint about it by Markus (check his blog with instruction).  Actually by e-mail received on E71 and Nokia Messaging 🙂 Thank you!

What is also very interesting is the information that with market introduction of new E series phones E75 and E55 we can expect a new version of Nokia Messaging supporting HTML formatted mail. What’s even better is that a new release of mail client will be available for older phones, like E71 as well.


7 Responses to “Nokia Messaging (a.k.a. Nokia Email) updated!”

  1. 1 Densy February 18, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    Good another happy user of Nokia.

  2. 2 markus February 20, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Dexter always comes up with great posts, i love this blog!

  3. 3 rob February 23, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    What is the point of Nokia Messaging? Why do people like it?

    I admit the interface is better than the crummy notive one that comes with the device, but I looked at the product and then uninstalled it.

    I used it for GMail, and just hated the experience. No archiving. ‘fake folder’ in my mailbox. The mail was semi-integrated with my home screen. It ran down my battery.

    I would be interested in a blog post telling me why you think this product actually makes the phone better. My opinion is that it is a distraction from getting a better mail UI on the device out of the box.

  4. 4 Ardi March 10, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    It does not even work with my E71

  5. 5 Josel March 15, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    I hope Nokia is reading this blog.

    These are my wishes that I hope to see in the next software update to the E71:

    1. Email capable of displaying HTML, please Nokia. Everyone has one, from the iPhone to the BlackBerry. If you intend to catch-up with the guys you lost the battle years ago, then you won’t be able to catch-up if no support for emails with HTML contents is provided.

    2. Improve font/typeface to make it thicker or bold, that way the almost-dot-matrix typeface will become more readable. I wish you could provide option to change the default font. I mean you are trying to personalize this phone as much as possible with themes and modes, doesn’t that include the fonts?

    3. The stock background wallpaper when you enter the native email client or the Nokia Messaging is a little too-stationery for me. Some people like the stationery feel in their MS Outlook emails. But have you notice that neither the iPhone, the BlackBerry or HTC device has a background wallpaper when reading or composing an email. It’s distracting and adds difficulty to the already thin typeface.

    4. No option to delete what is in the Trash Folder, or delete an entire date in an email account. So you basically have to wait until the days lapse, to get rid of them permanently.

    5. NO FILTER, OMG in the Nokia Messaging. I mean, I could set a filter in Google or Yahoo. But how about those office emails that get pushed to my device? I don’t want to bother our Network Admin to set a filter for my office email account, just for the Nokia (99% of us use the BlackBerry), he’ll just tell me to get the BlackBerry as it is easy to set a filter in the BlackBerry Internet Service website. I want to be able to get rid of those computer-generated system responses and confirmations coming from our server, ERP system, and outsourced third-party applications.

    6. You actually now have two email clients running on my E71. The native, and the Nokia Messaging. Why not get rid one of them, or make the Nokia Messaging embed itself in the native email client?

    7. Also, I hope Nokia can get rid of that Access Point prompt each time you run an app that requires Internet connection. Since I have defined the default access point to be AT&T Internet, the device shouldn’t be asking me that all the time. An you don’t have to show to me, you could run that in the background. I’d be happy to see a progress bar instead. Imagine, if I open a content and image-heavy website and did not select the access point (which I have already chosen as default), and leave the phone and get a coffee, I’ll be back with that prompt still on rather than see it done or at least in progress already had it not asked me anymore.

    I like your browser though, better than the BlackBerry.

    I currently don’t have a contract with AT&T, and I’m on month-to-month voice and data plan (I don’t want our company to pay for it because that means calling me on weekends and off-hours). My E71 is already turning heads for its discreet elegance and simplicity. Our company will soon replace our mobile phone provider and that goes with the blackberry handsets as well. I don’t want them asking me feedback about my Nokia E71 and telling them I am replacing this with a newer BlackBerry, or the iPhone in mid-2009 with improved push email.

    So I hope Nokia is listening to one small voice.

  6. 6 Stephen March 25, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    So true – succintly and perfectly put!!!! Nokia – you have the phone – gives the s/w – complete us.

  7. 7 deji October 5, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Dear all ,

    This dose not work on my E71 as well i have tried all means yet to no avail Please help.

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