Blackberry Storm – one more iPhone 3G killer?

As we all know Nokia E71 is perceived as a business rival of iPhone 3G. If you are checking blogs and pages about new mobile devices most probably you have noticed that a new and cool device from Blackberry will be released soon. I’m talking about BlackBerry 9500 a.k.a. Storm.

The device has a touch screen and doesn’t have a typical for BlackBerry hardware QWERTY keyboard. It looks like iPhone 3G has one more business phone competitor, this time with touch screen as well. What’s interesting Blackberry has already prepared Storm downloadable software simulator.


1 Response to “Blackberry Storm – one more iPhone 3G killer?”

  1. 1 skanky mcscankscank October 11, 2008 at 3:48 am

    You cannot kill the iPhone 3G.

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